Sunday, November 13, 2011

From Craigslist Vancouver

From Craigslist Vancouver: 10% is no longer an acceptable tipping amount!
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Not only does 10-15% make you look CHEAP, a women, a lesbian or Asian (yep, stereotypes exist for a reason, and you fulfill them everyday) it also barely even covers the costs the server has to "pay" into the restaurant to serve you. On your total bill AFTER TAX, the server must give away 5%-9% of that bill to the establishment. Which is divided among the bartenders (who made your drinks, how do you think they get paid?), to the support and to the kitchen and management. All which keeps the costs of the restaurant down, which in turn keeps your prices down. SO, if you Scroogely (okay that's not a word...) tip are leaving the server with 4%-1%! ONE PERCENT!

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