Monday, March 7, 2005

Mr. Rant on Lesbian Tipping Habits

Mr. Rant asks the chicken-or-egg question:
Why I Haven't Been Posting on LJ Lately:

[ . . . ]

Consumed by chicken or egg paradox of "are lesbians bad tippers because they get bad service, or do we give them bad service because they're lesbians?" *

[ . . . ]

* mostly lesbians have told me that lesbians don't tip. It's been my experience that straight white guys who go out in baseball caps and sweat pants don't tip either, so I think it's more related to wardrobe than sexuality.
And the [lack of] reaction in the Comments:
Hey, stranger.

Nobody's yelling at me about my lesbians and white guys don't tip comment. What is up with that? Thought Seattle was all PC n' shit.
Apparently not.