Sunday, November 20, 2011

from Bitch Session a few years ago

This is cached and there's no date, so we'll post today.
As a waiter for more than 20 years, lesbians are poor tippers. A group of nine, with a total bill of nearly $300 for food and drinks, left me $2.

[ . . . ]

I’m in agreement with the comment that lesbians are bad tippers. I know tons of lesbians who make far more than I do and either tip poorly or leave no tip at all. Yet lesbians are demanding of a waiter’s time.

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To the idiot that says that a tip is based on what you spend and not what you earn: It seems that we cheap lesbians know the value of the money we earn, so if you’re mad that we aren’t tipping you, here’s a tip: Get a better paying job!
Comment: Yes, three in one week; this theme was so popular that specific comments and responses continued . . .

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