Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Direct Action: That Lesbian Mom Next Door

Thank you, That Lesbian Mom Next Door. Money quote:
Our first stop was a classy piano bar kind of joint. Groups of gay men (as opposed to “boys”) were clustered around the bar watching a basketball game and cheering gustily. And, to my surprise, our waiter seated us at a very nice table.

Now there was a time when lesbians were given the worst seat in the house and then ignored. Since our waiter was practically tripping over himself to fill our water glasses, I think we’ve successfully killed the stereotype of lesbians as difficult patrons and lousy tippers. He even tried to aid us in our research. We explained our quest (locating the wild lesbian) and he replied (in an extremely Nelly voice) that he wasn’t gay, so he wouldn’t know where to go, but he’d ask the cook. He flitted off and came back to inform us we were right on the money and should continue as planned.