Thursday, May 8, 2008

from Gay Wait Staff


1969er: Anyone care to weigh in on lesbian tipping practices?

caesarea4: Is that like cow tipping?

I usually tip $1 when I get a glass of water at the bar.

What about carry-out?

irishboxers: It is if you're in Wisconsin.

As a former waiter and bartender, lesbians were tricky. Some tipped well, others were downright mean (run you ragged for that dollar on $80). In general, though, not so great. I had some lesbian regulars at my last bar and they tipped very well, but like I said they were regulars.

Hidden member: LOL about the lesbians.... amongst others.... whom we curl our toes, and roll our eyes about when we see at our bar or in our section...

silkrock: I sure do they are by far the worst tippers I have ever seen! I hate it when they want to act all nice about it. What a bitch.