Saturday, October 24, 2009

from a waitress in Provincetown

Apparently, trans women are even worse than Lesbians. From a waitress in Provincetown:
Having to cover some of Ashley’s shifts made me crankier than usual this week, PLUS it’s Trannie week here in Ptown. Actually, it’s called Fantasia Fair, and it is a week-long conference and vacation for Transgender & Trans-sexual men & women. Now, y’all don’t get me wrong– I love all my Trans sisters & brothers. Just another color of the rainbow. It’s just that they’re so damned stingy with their tips! Worse than the Lesbians of Women’s Week. (Although generally less demanding than the Dykes.) I guess they’re stingy because they’re saving up for the next surgery or new outfit. One day, tips totalled less than $8 for the entire day! Come on, girls! Seida’s got to make a living too! I need new outfits (and wigs, makeup, etc.) too!
Hat tip to Femulate.