Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slammin' Salmon reviewed

Slammin' Salmon: An undercooked if surprisingly tasty filet of silliness from Broken Lizard:
[ . . . ]

The Slammin' Salmon is Miami's premier seafood restaurant, owned and operated with an iron fist and an iron head by former heavyweight champion and namesake personality Cleon Salmon. A year after embarrassing himself back when he was a lowly member of the wait staff, weak-willed manager Rich Parente (Kevin Heffernan) presents an ultimatum to the ragtag batch of new employees after Cleon has racked up a $20,000 debt to the Yakuza after a lost albino hunting wager. The server who earns the most money in one night gets a prize, be they front-row Norah Jones tickets or a three-night stay in Cleon's suite at a swanky hotel & spa resort. When those fail to boost morale, Cleon ups the ante by declaring a first-place victory worth $10,000 and a last-place haul resulting in a “broken rib sandwich.”

This sends the quirky ensemble crew scrambling to overachieve by any means necessary. For blonde ballet school temptress Mia (April Bowlby), it's a flirtatious demand for a party of men to all order lobster and an exposed neckline to a lesbian couple in the hopes of securing a large tip.
Per Andrew Sullivan, dream on . . .

Monday, May 10, 2010

Elena Kagan for SCOTUS


We don't know anything about Elena Kagan's sexual orientation, whatever it is.

But we very much do care about how she tips.