Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Webtender Forums: Re: Tippers - Heterosexual vs Homosexual

from The Webtender Forums:
Re: Tippers - Heterosexual vs. Homosexual

> My findings: gay men are excessive tippers, you
> almost feel bad for taking their money. Lesbians on the other hand
> are excruciatingly tight with their money and heterosexuals are fair.

> Thoughts anyone?

i totally agree, on a stereotype of reasoning. i believe gay men tip the
best, straight people set the norm for tipping, and blacks and lesbians are
the worst tippers.

my reasoning: back in 2002 i was going out with a cocktail waitress from
Laguna Beach. her brother was a bartender and is gay. He made a ton of money
each night. I was baffled. why did he make so much more than me, becuase the
crowd he serves is gay and the crowd i serve is straight?

her answer: many gay men work white collar jobs that pay well. most gay men
don't have children and families to support, along with being partnered. Dual
income, no kids. leaves alot of disposable income. it made sense to me.

as for blacks and lesbians being weaker tippers than the straight/white
segment of the population. I grew up in Seattle, which has a large gay
community (gays and lesbians). from my experience, lesbians are just shitty
tippers on the whole, no real reasoning other than experience.

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