Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Update

Well, this blog has been in existence for over six months. [Materials we find and post are backdated to the original publication date.] Preliminary conclusions:

While all of us are individuals, even without The Washington Blade's Bitch Session, there is definitely a stereotype out there that lesbians, as a group, are poor tippers. [However, probably the worst tippers, as far as consistent bitches, are the Sunday after Church crowd, perhaps because they were too generous with the collection earlier.] So it's time to do something about this problem.

We encourage all people of good will, of all genders and sexual orientations, etc., to include lesbians, to make a habit of tipping well for good service. Large cities, 20%, smaller cities, 15%, but why not be a little generous? Your budget should include an extra 15-20% for the wait staff; plan and order accordingly. And there's nothing wrong with letting wait staff know that you're aware of the stereotype, but don't follow it as long as they provide good service.

Wait staff also need to treat customers as individuals, divining their tipping practices from non-demographic elements of the interaction.

And if the service is not good, and can't be corrected by mentioning the problem, well, it's better to leave no tip than a bad one. Let's hope those situations are not common.

Let's be honest: Tips are good karma! And karma never lies. Thank you.

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