Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 2010 Presidential Proclamation Pride Month: And a comment on our topic

from Newsvine: Money quote:
I do remember way back when there was one performer who was female and performed as a male but then later had surgery to become a man, as far as I see from my experience at least that is not the goal of the Drag Kings that I am aware of. Another interesting point is that there are some gay men and some lesbians that dislike each other simply based on some prejudice that I am not aware of, if there is a reason it is not apparent to me. I will say that when I tended bar that lesbians were really bad tippers, but I ihate all bad tippers, not just lesbian bad tippers. I have more lesbian friends now then I used to have simply because I am active in the LGBT community here and it's the old saw that once you meet and talk to someone, it's easier to understand and associate with them, goes for anyone.

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