Monday, November 30, 2009

Waiter Rant: Who are the worst tippers?

from Waiter Rant, it seems that there are many categories of poor tippers.

Comment #126:
I saw lesbians mentioned earlier so I wanted to share this. I’m a lesbian AND British and I always tip a minimum of 20%, usually more. I played for a womens full contact football team (at least 75% lesbians) and one particular restaurant would stay open late after games for us (we usually arrived 30 minutes or so before closing, but always with prior notice)partly because of how well we tipped and treated the servers. I agree that gay guys tip REALLY well. My experience with bad tippers has mainly been older people and the church crowd.
Comment 641:
Also, lesbians are the best tippers in Boston. For some reason they always leave 20-30%.

Let's see if we can identify additional relevant comments.

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