Sunday, December 17, 2006

from Pam's House Blend: Q of the day: bad tippers

We love Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend. Here's her take on bad tippers. Money quote:
I'm in agreement with the comment that lesbians are bad tippers. I know tons of lesbians who make far more than I do and either tip poorly or leave no tip at all. Yet lesbians are demanding of a waiter's time.
-- a Daily Bitch quote on the front page of the WashBlade
Is this some kind of stereotype that just won't die? All my lesbo friends tip well since we know how little waitstaff are paid -- tips are everything to these hard-working folks.

Kate and I are always generous tippers, so much so that in the places we regularly go, waiters and waitresses always remember us (sometimes after only being there once, which I cannot figure out) and want us to sit in their sections, and even chat with us about their day, their families, etc. We treat them like human beings -- and watch in horror as we see so many patrons skip out without tipping, or become the demanding table from hell.

Maybe it's because we're both polite Southerners and the above-mentioned Daily Bitcher is from one of the big cities (where the dykes are cheap)? Who knows? I simply think it's time to quash this stereotype.

Q of the day, particularly for the folks who are waitstaff or have done so in the past -- who are the cheapskate tippers?

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