Friday, October 4, 2002

from Bitch Session in 2002

'Not necessarily on-topic, but close enough:
My bitch is to the pissy queens who go to an inexpensive restaurant and get a cheap dinner and order only water with their meal. They gulp their water down in five seconds and bitch and complain that the waiter "totally sucks and does not deserve a tip" because he is not stoping by every minute to refill the water: If you are shopping at a discount store, don't expect Nieman Marcus service.

What's wrong with the wait staff in our restaurants? If you're unhappy waiting tables, then quit. Don't take it out on your customers. If you want a tip, they put a fucking smile on your face, and come to my table at least once before you pass me the check and pretend you care how my meal was.
Comment: We can safely assume that the subjects of these bitches are gay men, not lesbians.

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